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Justice Scale Robbery Charges

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, call Corey J Riddell to help you prepare for your day in court. I will help guide you and agressively represent you throughout your case.

When you are facing robbery charges, it's important that you find the right legal representation to help protect both you and your freedom. Contact me today and I will start putting together your case.

I sincerely believe in the guarantee of the United State Constitution.  You are presumed innocent under the law; to be found guilty, the burden of proof for the Commonwealth is beyond a reasonable doubt.

Assertive Defense Against Your Robbery Charges

Make sure you have a proper defense

Go to court prepared in your defense

Trust a member of the Westmoreland Bar Association to provide you with exceptional representation in your robbery case. Make sure you have a local and experienced lawyer fighting your legal battle.

Let me fight your legal battles for you

Visit a lawyer who has been practicing since 1991.